Welcome to the class!

Hi there! I'm so glad you're here. : )

I hope you're as excited as I am to...there's literally nothing I can say that doesn't sound like an innuendo...to learn the ins and outs of love scenes? To dive deep into love scenes? I give up, lol.

Just know that you're in exactly the right place if you've ever hit a point in your writing...

  • when you knew you needed to write a love scene and didn't know where to start
  • when you actually wrote the love scene and hated it
  • when you felt too awkward to write the love scene because you know other people will read it
  • when you got feedback from a critique partner or editor that your love scene fell flat
  • when all your love scenes seemed to sound the same or follow the same pattern
  • when you skipped writing the love scene even though you knew the story needed one

I could go on, but if you see yourself in any of those, welcome! I've been there. I hope you'll find that this class will be a fun and comfortable way to move past those road blocks and to learn how to write the great love scenes your characters and your readers deserve.

The live presentation will be on August 3rd (a reminder will go out with the Zoom link and time as the date gets closer) and then the lectures will open up afterward so that you can start working your way through them with the class. I'll see you soon!

Also, be sure that you checked to allow emails from me when you signed up for the class because I will be communicating that way and sending out the times/links via email.

*If you want to get a jumpstart, go ahead and download the Zoom app on your computer or phone. It's free (and similar to Skype for those who are familiar with that one.) - https://zoom.us